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Our Spars

Masts, Booms & Ancillaries

Our Spars

Whether the goal is all-out speed and strength, or a custom-built combination of performance and luxury, at Southern Spars, we build the world’s best custom-built spar packages, integrating seamlessly into the fastest and most beautiful yachts on the planet.

Our innovative thinking and craftsmanship has changed the world of spar building. We created the world’s first carbon fibre mast and continue to design innovative products to keep us – and you – ahead of the competition.

Our R&D team has played a major role in bringing patented products and technology, such as ECsix continuous rigging and thin ply carbon fibre, into our design and manufacturing processes. This demonstrates why Southern Spars continues to be at the forefront of rig design and manufacture.

Our highly-skilled team and first class facility combine with years of experience to create an exceptional rig for your yacht, be it a race winner or award winner.

There is no substitute for excellence.

Spar Packages