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Carbon Sprits, Poles and Struts by Southern Spars

Custom Ancillaries

Southern Spars can produce carbon components like reaching struts, bow sprits, spinnaker poles and other rig ancillaries using custom and stock tooling as well as mandrel technology. This creates poles which are are both light and extremely strong.

Carbon Members & Ancillaries

farr 400

Southern Spars’ mandrel moulding technology is ideal for building carbon tubes that are light, stiff and very strong – perfect for bow sprits for yachts up to 45 feet with tapered or untapered cross-sectional shapes.

We also build custom bow sprits for much larger yachts with varying degrees of complexity, ranging from simple sprits fitted with tacklines, to superyacht sprits with inbuilt furling equipment and multiple bob-stay fittings for enhanced load-bearing capability.

ranger jclass

Carbon poles give a significant weightsaving over alloy, making crew work a lot easier and reducing weight in the bow of the boat.

Choosing the right pole;

  • A boat with a higher than usual righting moment may require a slightly heavier pole.
  • A pole that is only used for running can be lighter than an all purpose pole which will also be used for reaching.
  • Choose the correct tube for your boat based on pole usage; boat righting moment and spinnaker size.

reaching struts by southern spars

Reaching struts provide appreciable gains for yachts when sailing off the wind with eased sheets. They push the clew of the sail further outboard, opening the slot between the headsail and the mainsail to maximize airflow and therefore drive from the sails, while allowing the crew to maintain optimal sail shape through sheet tension.

These systems have grown in popularity since the 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race, where they were standard equipment on all of the boats, but are now found on many high performance yachts including grand prix boats like the IRC72 fleet. They are particularly favoured by offshore boats, such as Comanche and the Kerr 56 Varuna as they pay bigger dividends over longer periods of time.

carbon headfoil

Southern Spars’ Carbon Foil range of headstay foils for furling jibs and genoas are a step ahead of the competition in their design and build quality. They are engineered to have the ultimate torque transfer while protecting your sails and extending their life.

Each foil is specifically engineered for the yacht it is fitted to so each foil will handle the required sail loads, dimensions and torque for furling and sailing while reefed. Tapering the joins between our foil sections ensures the best possible quality of join between sections and transferring torque more efficiently across the system.

The carbon track internal section profile has created a stronger section to withstand the luff loads generated from the sail. The polished stainless steel feeder provides reliable hoisting of the headsail and reduces the chance of damage to the luff tape.

For more information please contact one of our RigPro representatives on [email protected].