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Masts by Southern Spars


A mast is one of the most dynamic and complex components of a yacht, with the job of transferring the power generated by the wind and sails into the yacht. It must withstand a multitude of ever-changing forces, including torsion, bend and compression. Yet it must maintain the perfect combination of stiffness and flexibility to maximize performance of the sail plan.

At Southern Spars we are spurred on by two key drivers; performance and reliability. The foundations of our success in these areas are sound principles of design and manufacture, combined with a detailed understanding of our customers’ requirements.

At Southern Spars, we build packages for everything from mega yachts, to race yachts and Olympic dinghies. Developments made in one area are disseminated through all of our teams, meaning the rate of progression throughout the company is extremely high.


aglaia superyacht mast by southern spars

Phenomenal strength is needed in the mast and rigging to support a superyacht’s immense sail plan. The yacht’s dimensions must be balanced with the mast and boom for both aesthetics and engineering capabilities. Modern superyacht spars have added functionality like furling mainsails, and rafts of electronic, navigation and communications components.

As superyacht owners seek ever-larger and more performance-oriented yachts, designs draw extensively on developments made in the Grand Prix arena. Southern Spars’ ECsix continuous carbon fibre rigging is now used in most superyacht projects. Thin ply carbon fibre for mast construction is also beginning to cross over the race/luxury boundary.

The many international design awards won by superyachts carrying Southern Spars’ packages highlights the vital role that our team plays in creating world-leading superyachts.

vo65 - southern spars performance masts

With almost universal domination of the world’s elite inshore, offshore and around the world events; Southern Spars’ race results speak for themselves.

Our dedication to performance and reliability makes us the obvious choice for racing yachts that want the edge over their competitors with a product that they can trust. Throughout the design process, we integrate the sail maker’s design into our own so that the spars and sails work as one cohesive unit. This enables racers to extract maximum performance and trust that the mast will get them across the finish line.

Southern Spars rigs are made from thin ply carbon fibre, which allows us to design tubes lighter and stronger than our competition, while achieving a more accurate bend profile.

ac50 - southern spars masts

The spirit of multihull yachts is generally more radical, not conforming to the limits imposed on monohulls. Catamarans and trimarans often seek something different and more exciting – a spirit embraced by Southern Spars.

Multihulls allow many different rig and rigging configurations, which allows Southern Spars to design innovative and often unique solutions to aid the yacht’s performance.

We work together with the yacht’s designer and sailmaker to ensure the whole yacht works together to embody the essence of multihull sailing – the perfect combination of comfort, space and effortless speed.

Southern Spars’ carbon technology allows us to build more than just masts. We produce many of the carbon components in a multihull including the crossbeams, spine, and bowsprit for everything from foiling AC72s to multihull superyachts.

j class southern spars rig

One of the best ways to bring new life to an older vessel is to upgrade the spar package. Doing so will significantly increase its performance, safety and ease of operation making sailing more enjoyable and therefore done more often.

Classic yachts are great to look at, but can be difficult to sail. Upgrading to a carbon mast from Southern Spars will make an older yacht sail like new one, with a more efficient sail plan and improved righting moment. Southern Spars’ attention to detail, from design through manufacture to paint and final fit out mean that all of this can be done without compromising any of the cosmetic attributes or traditional feel of your yacht.

Southern Spars have built new carbon fibre masts for single, double and triple masted classic yachts, cutting significant amounts of weight and improving the reliability of a rig package.