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Since the commercial inception of carbon fibre, SOUTHERN SPARS has operated at the forefront of industrial development.
We are custom composite solution providers for a wide variety of applications with experience in engineering high performance parts for challenging environments.

Southern Spars wealth of experience is spread across a multitude of manufacturing processes which include:


Dry fibre materials (yarns or tows) under tension are impregnated with a matrix and applied to a rotating tool (shape depends on design and requirements).
Southern Spars filament winds mainly carbon fiber, aramid and fiberglass but other materials can be used too. Filament winding can be set up to be a semiautonomous process, cutting costs as well as duplicating high performance parts across manufacturing batches.
Southern Spars offers design support and composite specifications according to your needs.


In Autoclave (IA) curing production:
Moulding of Pre Preg Composite materials
Vacuum Bagging
Curing (Male and Female moulds)
Parts up to 50m x 1.5m
Up to 6 Bar

Out of Autoclave (OOA) curing production:
Components up to 30m
Vacuum Bagging
Curing (Male and Female moulds)
Compression Moulding (Press):
Press bed 2m x 0.5m
Resin Infusion:
35m+ x 1m



Winch support structure

Full carbon spreader

Oven / Paint booth

25m x 8m
Up to 100 degrees Celcuis
Clean environment for paint and layup quality control

Paint booth:
The paint booth is 30-metres long, giving us a huge capacity for painting. The booth is temperature, pressure and humidity controlled, creating the optimum environment for painting without allowing the introduction of any contaminants.
We offer our customers a range of paint finishes, from clear coat finish, through to matte, gloss and metallic.