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Versatility Personified: Baltic 110 Zemi Sets Sail at St Barths Bucket Regatta  

Image: Zemi – Baltic Yachts

In the rapidly evolving world of sailing superyachts, customers are increasingly seeking technologies that can do it all. 

The new Baltic 110 sloop ‘Zemi’ is a prime example. Emerging as a beacon of innovation and luxurious family adventure, yet equally equipped for racing at a high level.  

 At this time of year, we’re spoiled with a procession of the world’s most eminent superyachts, as the most beautiful racecourses in the world attract the very best for the Caribbean season. The perfect entrance for Zemi, the St Barths Bucket Regatta 2024 will serve as a red carpet for this masterpiece of naval architecture.  

 Commissioned by a visionary experienced sailing couple, brought to life by Baltic Yachts in collaboration with Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design and A2B Marine Projects. Zemi is the epitome of advanced maritime engineering and design. By bringing together Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design, Baltic Yachts, Southern Spars, and our partners from North Sails, Future Fibres and RigPro, Zemi is a product of the same collaboration that has delivered many of the world’s most attention-grabbing projects in recent years, including the landmark Baltic 111 ‘Raven’.  

 With an overall length of 33.5m, Zemi’s all-carbon hull is fitted with a 49.7m, hybrid-modulus carbon mast from Southern Spars, which is optimised for weight efficiency and performance. Harmonised, perfectly by a carbon boom, crafted meticulously in our advanced manufacturing facility in Valencia. Zemi opted for the world’s most popular composite rigging—ECsix multistrand cables from Future Fibres, also in Valencia.

Image: Zemi – Baltic Yachts

 The chosen rigging for a huge range of sailors – from the new generation of IMOCA 60, to a plethora of performance cruisers – ECsix’s patented construction of bundles of separate pultruded carbon rods make it extremely flexible, helping it resist fractures from bending, compression, and impact. This delivers an unbeatable blend of performance and reliability.  

 High-performance technologies from within our group of companies are increasingly popular among sailors seeking an elevated cruising experience. While Zemi will benefit from a competitive advantage on the racecourse, her composite rig elements also deliver ease of handling, enabling smoother, more responsive sailing. Zemi’s lifting keel facilitates both performance and comfort, improving the yacht’s righting moment and upwind performance when lowered, also making her less prone to heeling over when offshore.  

 For family cruising, Zemi’s owners and guests can revel in the pure joy of sailing, benefiting from faster, more efficient passages that make the most of their time at sea. They can also sail fast without concern for overloading rig technologies that are fit for the most intensive level of transoceanic racing. Zemi sets the standard for a versatile, high-performance cruiser, built to maximise pure enjoyment.  

Image: Zemi – Baltic Yachts

 Dale Morris, Group Head of Global Design, Southern Spars:  

“Zemi is a testament to our dedication to excellence. The synergy between our composite rig and Future Fibres’ ECsix rigging results in a system where every mile sailed is as smooth as it is exhilarating. Baltic have continually set a new standard for what family cruising on a superyacht can be, and we love working with them”.  

 Marrying world-leading craftsmanship and excellent service, our colleagues from RigPro managed the stepping and commissioning phases.

Hamish Miller, Head of Technical Services, RigPro: 

“Seamless coordination from manufacturing to commissioning is our hallmark. Our in-depth knowledge of the group’s technology ensures that owners and their teams can have complete confidence in the yacht’s performance from day one, with a planned service schedule thereafter. We’re excited to see Zemi in the Bucket, and we wish her owners all the best.”  

Image: Zemi – Baltic Yachts

Zemi’s rig and rigging package helps harness the power of the wind whenever possible, she is also equipped with an electric propulsion system. Whilst she still needs diesel generators, her twin 129kW Cummins units are designed to meet IMO Tier 3 emissions regulations. This is testament to Baltic Yachts’ forward-thinking approach to eco-friendly innovation and sustainability. 

The interior, masterfully conceived by Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter, is a fusion of minimalist beauty and sustainability. The design philosophy celebrates the natural beauty of materials and light, creating a serene and inviting ambiance.  

 As Zemi sets her sails for St Barths Bucket Regatta, she’ll join a fleet of awe-inspiring yachts at an event renowned for it’s camaraderie. Proudly supporting the biggest superyacht event of the Caribbean season as Friends of the Bucket again in 2024, Southern Spars looks forward to welcoming Zemi to the fold.  

 We will watch on with pride as Zemi showcases the seamless integration of technologies from within our group. Following a March of good-natured racing, we will then be proud to help facilitate years of memory-making for her owners and their family.  

 If you have questions about the technology or services provided by our group, get in touch with Southern Spars. We’d love to hear from you.  

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