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Research & Development

Mast technology born on the race track.

Ahead Of The Curve

Achieving the advances demanded by our customers safely and effectively requires leading-edge knowledge of carbon fibre’s properties. Along with access to the world’s brightest minds, and most advanced technology. Our mast technology evolves rapidly, thanks to our involvement in the world’s most advanced sailing programs.

Masts Built To Race

Much of the technology inside Southern Spars’s performance cruiser and cruising masts was born on the race track – developed for the highest performing racing yachts on earth from the Volvo Ocean Race to the America’s Cup.

They bring the smoothness of performance and reliability that is required by Grand Prix sailors to be enjoyed by sailors of all disciplines. Our design philosophy promotes idea sharing throughout our entire design team, so ideas are quickly circulated and trickle quickly from the pinnacle of yachting down to the average cruising yacht.

High Speed Evolution

Southern Spars is committed to an innovation culture, and the company’s core values of partnering, discovery, quality and efficiency depend on that absolute commitment to investigative research.

Our designers, and the manufacturing technicians that work closely with them, are constantly evolving techniques and processes to further the range, enhancing capabilities of composites utilisation. Southern Spars has invested in leading-edge technologies to model and test breakthrough applications for carbon fibre and to further improve products in those areas where composites are already dominant.

The future is being realised in our laboratories and on the factory floor. Harnessing innovation to improve capabilities, deliver unparalleled design flexibility and reduce lifecycle costs across a constantly widening range of applications.