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Botin IRC 72

Southern Spars continues its complete dominance of the Mini-Maxi class. With the launch of the newest boat in the fleet from the design desk of Botin Partners. Southern Spars continues to be the rig supplier to every yacht in the fleet.

Nothing about this yacht is half-measure. Her hull shape and deck layout are extremely aggressive, with a wave-piercing bow, rounded forward gunwales and foredeck. As one of the top two rig regatta circuits in the world, being competitive requires the ultimate mast package.

The new Botin IRC 72 is equipped with the highest specification mast that Southern Spars can produce. It  blends ultra-high and high modulus carbon fibre, carbon sheaves and halyard locks and titanium fittings. She makes full use of our exclusive thin-ply carbon technology, which gives our designers unparalleled accuracy with fibre placement, precisely tailoring the stiffness profile to match the yacht and sails – the result is a yacht, mast and sails that perform in perfect concert to generate the maximum amount of speed from the wind.

This is the third rig that Southern Spars has produced for this sailing team, and our previous relationship with them – and with the class as a whole – has allowed us to evolve and tailor the rig to exactly what the team wants, matching how they sail the boat.