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Revolutionising Speed & Luxury: Persico’s Cat 72 & Her Rotating Southern Spars Mast

Persico Marine has turned heads with the unveiling of Persico Cat 72, the ground-breaking foiling catamaran, designed by Morreli and Melvin, and due for delivery in 2024.

The 22m yacht has harnessed America’s Cup simulation software to foil 20 centimetres out of the water and up to speeds of 40 knots, with luxury worthy of the most comfortable cruisers on the water. This level of technology onboard a yacht that’s built for both performance and comfort will push the boundaries of what a racer/cruiser can be – representing a quantum leap in a wider trend among owners who are now seeking both elegance and blistering speed.


This acceleration in the performance catamaran space (and in the high-performance cruising market at large) has meant that boat yards are increasingly turning to technologies from the world of grand-prix racing.

Looking to harness the expertise of the market leaders, Persico enlisted Southern Spars to design and manufacture Cat 72’s composite rig. Producing rigs for almost all the yachts at the highest level of racing, and for the most eminent superyachts in the world, Southern Spars was the obvious choice, especially as Persico turned to the challenge of foiling.

Using their experience of designing rig packages for the foiling AC75s of the America’s Cup, as well as several trickle-down projects like the Mills 60 Flying Nikka, Southern Spars’ team of experts designed a rotating wing mast to improve aerodynamic efficiency and control sail shape. The mast’s custom specification delivers the exact degree of rotation required to optimise mainsail performance. Similar to the Southern Spars masts onboard AC75s, the rig can rotate up to 45°, and as Cat 72’s flight control system is delivered by Gomboc (who also helped the AC75 take flight) this is a reunion of technologies that have proven themselves at the highest level.

Cat 72’s mast and boom are being constructed from high-modulus carbon in Southern Spars’ production facility in Auckland. The rig will be complete with a combination of ECsix multistrand and AeroRAZR solid rigging from Southern Spars’ sister company, Future Fibres. The former is the world’s leading offshore rigging – the official rigging of the IMOCA 60 fleet of the Ocean Race, the IMOCA Globe Series and the Vendée Globe. The latter was developed for the 36th America’s Cup, providing a low weight, low diameter solution in an aerofoil shape – bringing aerodynamic benefits which increase as yacht speed increases.

This fully integrated package owes its superior sailing performance to strength, lightness, and efficiency characteristics – with every element of the rig built from the highest quality materials, optimised through the group’s simulation software, and designed to perform perfectly together by collaborating engineers and designers from our group of companies.

The rig package will work harmoniously with other advanced components, including righting-moment foils, daggerboards, and T-rudders, delivering exceptional performance, stability, and control in all conditions.


The yacht’s low weight and advanced design will mean that it can harness the power of the wind as often as possible – with the RMFoils becoming active in just 9 to 10 knots of wind, downwind or reaching. When motor cruising is required, the owner can turn to a Torqeedo Deep Blue electric motor, for comfortable, efficient cruising with zero emissions. Solar panels on the deckhouse roof also contribute to efficiency, providing up to 2 kW of recharging capacity.

With Southern Spars’ market-leading rig technology, and the cutting-edge features of the Persico Cat 72, this project sets a new standard in high-performance luxury cats. It embodies the perfect fusion of elegance, speed, and sustainability, offering owners and guests an extraordinary sailing experience. As the rig is under construction in Auckland, anticipation grows for this landmark project, which is poised to leave an indelible mark on the industry.

“We’re proud to be part of this ground-breaking project, and to see our relationship with Persico take an exciting step forward. The custom wing mast that we have made for this project reflects our commitment to the rapidly growing performance multihull market. We can’t wait to see the final product and to work on more pioneering projects like this as performance cats keep getting faster and even more ambitious!”

Paul MacDonald, Southern Spars Sales Director

“We are confident that Southern Spars will deliver a world-class rig that will help maximize the yacht’s performance and provide the ultimate sailing experience for its owners and guests.”

Spokesperson for Persico Marine

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