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TP52: Next Generation

TP52 Class

Much like the TP52 teams themselves, Southern Spars is always pushing to find gains performance. Over the past 12 months, serious work has gone in to see where we can make improvements, and we are pleased to announce that the 2017 season will mark the release of Southern Spars’ new generation of TP52 rigs.

A new section shape has been developed, born from extensive aerodynamic studies, which reduces aerodynamic drag and improves stiffness compared with our previous generation rigs. Our design team has also managed to find gains in many of the fittings and attachments on the rig.

The improved stiffness characteristics of the shape mean we can remove laminate from certain areas and re-allocate it to others. This means we can achieve an even more desirable stiffness curve while keeping the total weight and centre of gravity within the limit of the rule.

In recent times, Southern Spars has been a dominating force in the TP52 Super Series. Every new-built yacht that races on the Super Series circuit competes using a Southern Spars mast. Quantum Racing, recently switched to Southern Spars and won the 2016 World Championships.

Our new rigs can also be equipped with Future Fibres’ Razr solid carbon rigging.

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