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Southern Spars helps Comanche to another record


Comache’s watch captain and renowned offshore sailor, Tony Mutter, credits the team at Southern Spars for their work in helping the 100 foot maxi smash the Trans-Atlantic record.

On the way to breaking the record, the Verdier-VPLP 100 footer, experienced a dream run with flawless sailing conditions and no gear failures, despite pushing the boat to the limit – averaging 21.44 knots for the 2880 nm course between New York, USA and The Lizard, England.

“A big thank you to Southern Spars from all the team for the awesome rig package that powers Comanche,” says Mutter. “Following the 24-hour monohull record from last year, we now have just achieved the new Transatlantic monohull record. No issues, period. Lighter, faster, better. It is a product without compare.”

Their five day, 14 hour run, beat Mari Cha IV’s 2003 record by 27 hours.

“To achieve something like that, it is important to be fast and reliable. I am happy for all the people involved in this project from the very beginning up to now.”

Tony Mutter

Comanche’s 47 metre tall mast sports the world’s most powerful mast and sail configuration. The yacht’s designers, VPLP and Verdier, were instructed to make the yacht as fast as physics allow. The yacht was specifically designed to break race and distance records around the world, with an extremely powerful hull shape, canting keel and monstrous sail package. As such, she requires a mast that was equal to the task of matching the extraordinary sail plan and righting-moment generated by the hull and keel.

In the last 14 months, the Southern Spars-rigged yacht has broken the world 24 hour distance record, the Newport-Bermuda Race record and now the Trans-Atlantic Record.

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