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Southern Spars and the DynaRig Concept

At the end of 2020, Southern Spars joined forces with Magma Structures to deliver a new generation of superyacht rigs, DynaRig by Southern Spars.

To date, the free-standing rig concept has already been installed on two superyachts, the Maltese Falcon and Black Pearl, and has proved highly successful through it’s ease of deployment, efficient sailing performance, and low cost of ownership.  

The DynaRig has the ability to revolutionize the sailing we know today thanks to its ease of use, with all the sailing systems being controlled in one control panel. It is a highly effective propulsion solution minimising fuel use as it can deploy and recover it’s sails within a few minutes allowing for the yacht to be sailed from the moment it leaves anchorage to the moment it arrives at its destination. The system also includes an integrated load monitoring system which continuously records the loads in the rigs providing invaluable information to optimise the sailing experience.

Now, the DynaRig will benefit further from the unparalleled design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities that Southern Spars brings to take the next generation of Dyna-Rigs to the next level; DynaRig by Southern Spars.      

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