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Outhaul Claw


About the Outhaul Claw – In 2011, when trying to attain maximum performance for the furling booms for Dubois 101m rigs, the designers at Southern Spars encountered a problem – it wasn’t possible to carry clew load of reefed sails on the mandrel without doing damage to the sail. This began the development of an outhaul system for reefed sails, which became known as the OutClaw. The eventual solution involved no metal parts in the sail attachment system, avoiding damage to the sail and mandrel during furling and unfurling. The hydraulically powered hook allows speedy reefing and unreefing while being fully contained in the outboard end of the boom, which makes it easy to access and service without removing the sail from the boat.

The system has been fitted to the Unfurled, which is currently being commissioned at Vitters yard in Holland.

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