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Southern Spars takes to the air


On the back of the successful track cycling wheels and the Emirates Team New Zealand America’s Cup yacht, latest composite creation from Southern Spars is taking to the air.

Custom made, ultra-lightweight and super durable medevac stretchers have been delivered to local airplane manufacturer, Pacific Aerospace.

The stretchers, produced at Southern Spars high-tech carbon-fibre manufacturing plant in Auckland, present a significant weight saving over the traditional stretchers. They meet medical evacuation criteria while also offering several features unseen on previous models. The weight and rigidity improvements aid rescue workers when on the ground and in the air.


The reduced handling weight allows rescue workers to be more agile and maneuverable, which makes getting to and removal of  injured or incapacitated patients much faster and safer.

Pacific Aerospace’s P-750 XTOL airplanes, which have been equipped with Southern Spars’ stretchers, specialize in short take-off and landing. For them, onboard weight savings are put at a premium. A lighter load allows them to take off with a shorter runway and travel greater distances in the air.

The two companies are continuing to work together to further reduce the weight of the P-750 planes with the introduction of more composite parts to the aircraft.

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