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An Integrated NTG Rig Package Remains the Number One Choice

2018-rc600-proteus-tw (1)

At Southern Spars we pride ourselves on our customer care, responsiveness and providing the best solution for our clients. Following the dismasting of Proteus while training for the RORC Caribbean 600 earlier this month, we are now working hard to bring forward the delivery of a replacement mast that was already under way at the moment of the incident. This will ensure that the yacht can be back sailing again this summer. The boat has not made public the reason for the dismasting, but it should be noted that the rigging for this boat was not sourced from within the NTG Masts Group of companies.
Our sister company, Future Fibres, is a manufacturer of both solid and multistrand carbon rigging and understand the merits of both. Although the Future Fibres’ solid RAZR product is offered for Grand Prix in-shore racing, our multistrand ECsix continues to provide the best-proven and most durable solution for all other applications and all offshore racing teams. With ECsix multistrand rigging, the cables absorb energy in an impact, which means damage doesn’t necessarily migrate through the whole cable, and if a single strand is damaged only that strand needs to be repaired. Because of this characteristic, the cables can support extreme stresses and in case of impact still help to sail the yacht home.
Thanks to North Technology Group’s “Engine Above Deck” concept and our unique bespoke design suite, sourcing both spars and rigging from Southern Spars and Future Fibres is an obvious choice. Together we provide a fully integrated and optimised rig package where the entire sail and rig plan works cohesively and there is a perfect understanding of the loads on the hull and rig.  

Southern Spars and Future Fibres look to form long term relations with boats and race programmes so that together we can maximize our client’s racing performance.

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