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Southern Spars brings together ETNZ and Cycling New Zealand

Southern Spars brings together Emirates Team New Zealand and Cycling New Zealand to prompt innovation and collaboration

Innovation and collaboration were themes discussed as Kiwi business, Southern Spars, brought two world class New Zealand teams together today – Emirates Team New Zealand and Cycling New Zealand’s Olympic team, both Southern Spars clients – to continue to explore ways to learn from each other.

team new zealand cycling

Experts in carbon fibre, Southern Spars saw an opportunity to apply learnings gained in its core composite masts and rigging business, around strength, weight and stiffness in particular, to design a ground breaking new wheel for Cycling New Zealand’s 2016 Olympic campaign.  It’s just one example of cross pollination of ideas and expertise that Southern Spars says is at the heart of Kiwi innovation.

Southern Spars has had a long history with Emirates Team New Zealand, building the boat for the last winning campaign, and supplying masts, rigging and equipment to Emirates Team New Zealand and many of the other teams.

Mark Hauser of Southern Spars says, “We have already seen learnings from cycling introduced into Americas Cup racing yacht design… but what’s the next idea no-one has thought of yet?  “We are constantly looking for ways to gain any edge in design, manufacturing and, ultimately, performance.  That’s what it takes if you want to be the best in the world.”

“We wanted to prompt questions like… what can we learn from each other? How can we help each other? How can we make each other better?  What haven’t we thought of yet?, Hauser said.  “This is the Southern Spars way.”

Cycling New Zealand visited the team base then travelled to Southern Spars to discuss further ideas around the high performance track wheel and observe the build of this in progress.

Southern Spars team say they are filled with admiration and respect for both teams and will be doing everything they can to find any possible extra edge for them both, as they continue preparations through to the Americas Cup and next Olympics.

team new zealand cycling

About Southern Spars:

Southern Spars is a division of the North Technology Group, the world leader in sail-making technology. Southern Spars specialises in the design and construction of carbon fibre spars and components, rigging and rig servicing. As the industry pioneer, Southern Spars built its first carbon spar in 1990. Since then the company has pursued a passion for delivering world class superyacht and racing spars, carbon rigging and service.

About North Technology Group:
North Technology Group originated with worldwide sailmaking leader North Sails in 1957. Founded by Lowell North in a garage in San Diego, USA, NTG has grown into a diverse family of companies serving marine and manufacturing markets worldwide. Each company was built on the principle of delivering advanced performance through superior technology and a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer service. Other NTG companies include; Edgewater Power Boats, North Cutting Systems, North Thin Ply Technology, North Sails Collection, North Actionsports and Southern Spars, the industry leader in composite spar and rigging.

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