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ClubSwan125 promises the redefinition of the Supermaxi, with North Technology Group.


At the pinnacle of luxury sailing, Nautor’s Swan are known for their builds of unrivalled quality and performance. First introduced in 2006 with the ClubSwan 42, ClubSwan is the performance division of the brand, with each project always having a specific focus on speed, technology and competitive sailing potential.

The latest ground-breaking project to come from this division is the new ClubSwan 125, currently under construction at the Nautor’s Swan facility in Finland and due to launch in 2021. Designed by world-renowned yacht designer Juan Kouyoumdjian, it aims to be the world’s fastest supermaxi yacht and will push the boundaries of design and innovation like never before. The yacht’s single curved foil solution being one of the notable highlights of the design.

Over the years, Southern Spars and Future Fibres along with North Technology Group sister-company North Sails have supported the development of this division of yachts, continually evolving their integrated ‘Engine Above Deck’ package recently supplied to the entire ClubSwan 50 class. All were again the trusted rig, rigging and sail suppliers for the ClubSwan 125.

The Southern Spars factory in Auckland

The ClubSwan 125 is built on a unique project brief, a yacht engineered to break records and freed from rule constraints prevalent amongst most classes. Since 2017, North Technology Group’s collective of North Sails, Southern Spars and Future Fibres was embedded with the owner’s team, Juan K’s office to co-engineer the aero package. Developed using the powerful North Design Suite, the rig and sail inventory we’re co-engineered concurrently to deliver an aero package that is more similar to the latest generation IMOCA than an inshore Maxi yacht.

To equip the yacht with powerful racing potential, Southern Spars has manufactured a 55m custom carbon mast with four spreaders and two deflectors, capable of maintaining the perfect combination of stiffness and flexibility to maximize the efficiency of the North Sails 3Di RAW and Helix Structure Luff sail plan. This was supplied together with a custom carbon race boom, providing maximum stiffness to weight efficiency and giving added downwind effective sail area to reach the highest levels of performance possible when racing.

The ClubSwan 125 will come rigged with Future Fibres’ AEROsix rigging

To this cutting-edge project, Future Fibres will be providing their innovative rigging product for the lateral rigging: AEROsix. AEROsix is Future Fibres’ latest product, specifically designed for high-performance superyacht and Grand Prix racing, combining the performance and the reliability of multistrand and solid technologies, all packaged in an aerodynamic shape. AEROsix has been proven already onboard the Swan 98, Be Cool.

Sourcing the Engine Above Deck from Southern Spars, Future Fibres, and North Sails was an obvious choice, with the sister-companies designing the aero package in unison, using an in-house and unique bespoke suite of design tools. Together they have provided a fully integrated and optimized rig package where the entire sail and rig plan are working cohesively.

In one step further, a new load sensing and analysis system developed by both companies will be showcased on the supermaxi, which will enable the owner and his crew to monitor exact loads in the rig and rigging and push the yacht to its maximum sailing performance while keeping it safe. This unique load monitoring system, Synapse, is directly integrated into the supplied metal interface on the rigging and four of these cells will be installed into the ClubSwan 125.

Bob Wylie, who works on the project as an expert for the deck layout and sailing inventory, spoke about the companies’ impact:

“For a project as innovative as the ClubSwan 125, choosing Southern Spars together with Future Fibres as the rig and rigging suppliers was the clear choice. Both companies are continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation, and together with the rest of the CS125 team, they have created what will be one of the most technically advanced superyachts on the planet. The two companies have a unique track record providing high-performance, integrated packages to superyachts, and we had total trust that they could deliver to their usual high standard again.”

This project is a culmination of years of collaboration, by two companies at the highest level of their capabilities, developing, evolving and innovating in each of their products. Recently, their successful collaboration has already led to numerous stand out projects such as the Swan 78, Haromi, Swan 98 Be Cool, and the Swan 115’s, Shamanna, Solleone and Odin. Now, the new ClubSwan 125, will bring the standards of yachting innovation to the next level and open the doors to many more projects in the future.

For more information about the rig and rigging options available, please contact:

Southern Spars at [email protected] / +34 696072199

Future Fibres at [email protected] / +34 696072199

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